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A Brief Aviation Biography on Don McMoy

By Tom Walker

The aviation bug bit Don while he was a young man in the US Air force many years ago. It was there that a lifelong career as a pilot, and overall aviation entrepreneur started. He credits his time in the Air force as the period when he learned to fly and began building his pilot skills on many different aircraft. Oddly enough, he also worked a short stint as a radio Disk Jockey around that time. This gave Don a golden and crystal clear radio voice that served him well over the years as professional pilot. After building up flight time and experience hours in single engine and multi engine aircraft he was excited at the opportunity to finally fly his first business jet. This was about the time frame that Bill Lear was making aviation history with his new “fighter like” small business jets called the Learjet model 23.

Learjet 23

After working as a professional pilot for a few years, Don started his own aircraft charter service based in Love Field Texas. The company was called Western Jet and operated a fleet of Learjet’s, Saber liners, and a helicopter. Western Jet thrived during the 1970’s until the gas crunch and economy suffered. They flew a who’s who of celebrities and entertainers all over the country and world.

Operating his Western Jet Charter service gave Don a huge insight to fleet aircraft ownership, maintenance, crew scheduling and management. While he could pilot any of his aircraft, he had to also learn how to make owning and operating an expensive aviation fleet rewarding and profitable. Another important benefit of operating a fleet of Jets is the mechanical aspect of keeping them all air worthy. While some pilots do not have much experience with repairing and maintaining the equipment they fly, Don has an amazing understanding and experience level with aviation mechanic's.

He has not only flown just about every private jet in the air, he has also bought and sold many of them throughout his long career. That includes working as a Chief Pilot, Charter Operator / Owner, Fixed Base Operator, Maintenance Hub Owner, Aviation Consultant, Corporate Aviation Director and Aircraft Broker. All this different aviation experience makes him one of the best suited aircraft brokers in the country. Selling or buying an aircraft with Don, will maximize your investment and save you valuable time.

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